SSH Council of the Netherlands


Prof. dr. Bas van Bavel


Prof. dr. Peter Verhoef
Chair Council of Deans in Economics and Business

Prof. dr. Agneta Fischer
Chair Council of Deans in Social Sciences

Prof. dr. Anthonya Visser
Chair Council of Deans in Arts and Humanities

Prof. dr. Jan Smits
Chair Council of Dean in Law

Prof. Heleen Murre-van den Berg
Chair Council for the Humanities (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Prof. dr. ir. Tanja van der Lippe
Chair Social Sciences Council (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) 

Prof. dr. Keimpe Algra
Advisory member

NWO Participants

Dr. Inge Werner
Director NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Antal van den Bosch
Chair NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities